Please bring the following:



including shampoo (as leads are placed on your head you may wish to wash your hair)

Transistor radio -

if desired (television unavailable as it can interfere with signals)

Usual medication -

including sedatives you normally use

Alcohol -

bring the amount you would normally drink each evening

CPAP deposit
& rent

see 'the next day' section below



Nasal CPAP apparatus, VPAP/IPPV or Mandibular advancement prosthesis. If you are using any of these equipment it is important to bring it with you.


Parking is available in the visitors car park at 60 cents an hour with a maximum of $4.80 over a 24 hour period. However we recommend you leave your vehicle at home as we cannot guarantee its security.

The next day:

You will be woken at approximately 6am and are usually able to leave the clinic by 7am. If you require to be woken earlier, please inform the technologist on your arrival. Please do not leave the clinic without informing a sleep technologist. You may purchase a cooked or continental breakfast from our cafeteria on weekdays if desired.


Please note ****:

- Unfortunately it has become necessary to charge a cancellation fee in cases where less than 24 hours has been given to cancel a sleep study. If you have to cancel an appointment please keep a record of the date, time and name of person to whom you speak.
- Due to the high demand for sleep studies your position may be offered to another patient if you have not confirmed your sleep study by ringing 9346 2130 at least 7 days before the sleep study date.
- If you do not attend your sleep study you will be billed a non attendance fee.
- Your sleep study may be offered to someone else if you are more than 30 minutes late. To avoid this you must ring and inform the laboratory staff on 9346 3946.